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Jaden Smith Gets Tattoo of Drake on his Chest

Jaden Smith, who often speaks of his huge admiration for Drake, got a tattoo of the Canadian rapper on his chest.

For his 17th birthday (July 8) the rapper/actor’s parents Will and Jada Smith surprised Jaden with his idol. Drake spent the evening with the Smith’s and eventually invited Jaden to take the stage with him at an upcoming show. Unable to fight back his elation Jaden broke down into tears. Jaden capped his memorable birthday by getting the tattoo.


The two share a visible mutual respect for each other. During the 2013 MTV Video Music awards Jaden was moved to tears during a performance by Drake. Drake honored the teen by wearing a t-shirt with Jaden’s facial expression from the performance.

Drake wears Jaden Smith T-Shirt

Jaden confused fans by uploading a video in which he explained following in Drake’s footsteps in life. “Think of life as stairs and they are all dark,” Jaden explained. “Once you take that step in the dark and you find a stair it lights up. Now if Drake is over here and he finds a stair and it lights up, I’m not going to be an idiot say ‘oh I’m only going to use my stairs.’ I don’t care about the stairs, all I care about is going higher. So I’ll step on Drake’s stair, and then I’ll find my own stair.”