Saturday , 29 April 2017
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Chicago Man Shot While Live on FaceBook

Chicago Man Shot While Live on FaceBook

A video of a Chicago man supposedly shot while live-streaming himself on the popular social network is making its rounds on the internet. A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department say the 31-year-old man sustained multiple gunshot wounds and is listed in critical condition.

The disturbing video shows the victim standing outside a store in Chicago’s West Englewood neighborhood, talking to the camera, when a volley of shots are heard and he drops to the ground. The dropped camera points up at a stop sign as distraught friends and bystanders gather around, crying, “No! No! Start breathing!”

The suspect, who is believed to have approached on foot, is still at large. The shooting is believed to have be gang related.

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  • Andy Davies

    really..? what pistol holds 17 bullets… I counted 17 shots…I do not know much about pistols so anyone who can say what kind of pistol holds 17 bullets….so did the guy live after being shot 17 times ?